Marathon #4

I just finished my fourth marathon, Hartford Marathon. My goal was to BQ with a time of 3:30. Did I? Nope.  But I’m oddly okay with that. I ran 1:46 which is an 11 minute PR in itself (yes, I wanted to PR by 27 MINUTES! I recognize I’m nuts.). At mile 15, I acknowledged […]


One Week 

In one week, I will have run my fourth marathon. 2014: Hartford Marathon 2015: New York City Marathon 2016: Fighting Seabees Marathon 2016: Hartford Marathon This morning as I was filling in my Believe journal for the last week of training, I was looking at my training plan and remembered looking at the training plan […]

About dreams and goals

Last spring I decided that I was capable of running a Boston qualifying time. I set that as my goal for the summer and in the weeks before marathon training started, I would run a tempo run at marathon pace. Each week, a mile longer. I set a 10k PR for myself during those runs […]

Just doing it

When I think a lot about a workout before I do it…it’s like I’m building a mountain with my thoughts…a hill I end up needed to crest during my workout. Or a wall I need to break through. When I just do a workout with little pre-thought, it’s like the road ahead of me is […]

Mantras in Action

Our marathon training plan called for 15 miles today with 4 miles of marathon pace in the middle. If you asked me yesterday if I was capable of this I would have said, “Yes, of course!” I have run much longer distances than that and have run more miles than 4 at marathon pace. So, […]

Fun times slaying dragons.

In an hour or so I will be running my first run of marathon training #3. It will be my 4th marathon ( yep, no training plan for first marathon) and will be back at my original marathon stomping ground, Hartford, known in Runners World mag for its incredible porta potty set up. My emotions […]

Wishes for Summer

I am sitting here staring into a runners dream: 11 weeks with nothing scheduled. Things to get done, yes. But nothing scheduled. The ultimate end of the year thank you gift for teachers.  I worry the weeks will pass and I’ll have nothing to show for it. A fickle worry maybe, but sometimes unstructured times […]

Can’t sleep

I’m lying here and I can’t sleep. I realized I haven’t posted on the blog in a long time. Every couple weeks or so I think ‘Oh I should go post about this…or I should go post about that..’ Then I never do. I’m blaming it on end of the year craziness. Teacher life. Today […]

3rd one done.

My goal going into today’s marathon was an 8:30 pace with a finish time of 3:45. Yeah, that didn’t happen. I rocked that for the first half, led by a speedy pacer, and then dropped back to run ALONE ( it was a super small race) for the rest. It’s weird that I’m not more […]

Thank you. 

   Running is a very self centered choice. Time spent running instead of with family. Waking up everyone else on a Saturday at 4:30 am so you can get ready for your long run. Telling people “No sorry can’t do that on Friday night. I have a long run tomorrow.” (Okay fine, it also makes […]