The Story of Katie…AKA How Katie Became a Runner

I decided to write our second post with a little information about the bloggers.

Except Meaghan is sleeping right now…so she doesn’t know what I’m writing. Heck, I could tell you EVERYTHING about her.

Wait, just kidding. I’m a nice person.

So about me:

My name is Katie and I’ve been really running since I was 15. TEN YEARS! Wowza. I ran before that but never in a consistent way and more for fun with my family.

I think the first year I ran, I probably ran 50 miles that whole YEAR. If I was lucky. Now I run 40-45 miles A WEEK!

How’d I get from there to here?

By slowly running more and more. Wait that sounds boring. let me make you a timeline.


Technically ran my first race. A Turkey Trot fundraiser at my middle school. Ran it again at 12. And again at 13. No memories of the first two (although I bet I could scrounge up some pictures! Thanks Mom!) but when I was 13 I can remember the race pretty much from start to finish. For the 1.25 mile course, my time was about 8:30.


In the spring, I ran the mile in freshman PE. Still thought of myself as being “a runner” and “in shape”. Final time? 11:30ish. I was mortified. It was a lightbulb moment and made me realize being in good shape wasn’t just something magical I had or didn’t have. It took WORK and actually being active.


In the summer, I started running around my neighborhood on my own to become a “runner”. Total distance per run? 1.5 miles MAX. Pace? NO CLUE. In a letter I wrote to myself at 15 I wrote “I like doing short distances like 100 meters rather than miles cuz I fly in 100s.” Enough said.


Ran 3.5 miles one day during finals week in senior year of high school. I thought i was prettttyy BA.


Sat around all winter break from college eating jelly beans and gained, like 20 pounds, in one month. NO JOKE. My mom suggested exercising in the kindest way possible. Started to run 2-3 times  a week around campus and a random weekend run here and there, maxing out by the end of the semester at about 6 miles.


Spent the summer following a marathon training plan. Ran my first 5K in September! Result? 27:12! Mind was blown that I ran faster than 10 min miles.


Kept running each summer following marathon training plans, running a 5K in the fall, then running sporadically the rest of the year mainly during vacations. My 5k times slowly decreased each year until I ran 23:24 when I was 22.


Started running year round. Ran about 20-30 miles  a week. Ran a 5K in January. PR of 23:23. Yes baby. ONE SECOND PR.


Randomly signed up for the Hartford Marathon in June and convinced Meaghan to sign up (actually it was more like Wait you signed up? You can’t do that if I’m not doing it too!). Spent the summer training separately. Ran it. HAD A BALL! Seriously So Much Fun! Final time of 4:27.

At the end of 2014, Meaghan convinces me to sign up for the Run the Edge 2,015 miles in 2015 challenge for one reason: FREE AUTOGRAPHED PICTURE OF KARA GOUCHER.

Then 2015 started. Wait. I have to run 5.5 miles EVERY DAY? That’s like 170 miles a month!

Also ran a 5K in January. PR of 23:21. Moving up with a two second PR.

You know what else happened in January? Entered the lottery to run the 2015 NYC Marathon. AND GOT IN!


Ran a 5.5 mile trail run in May. Ran there, ran the race, ran home. Total mileage? 21.5 miles.


Spend the summer training.

At the end of July, Oiselle Volee spots opened. AND WE GOT IN.

Boom. Boom. Boom.

2,015 challenge. NYC Marathon. Joining Oiselle Volee. Changed my life.

Ran the marathon in November. 4:07.

Then actually TRAINED for a 5K. 21:47. What!

Signed up for the Colchester Half Marathon in February (THREE WEEKS!).

Signed up for the Fighting Seabees Marathon in April.

Running the Trail Run again in May.

Possibly running a 5K in July.

Signed up for the Hartford Marathon in October.

It’s official : Ten years into the journey and I am hooked!






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