Sister love

imageToday is a Tuesday so it’s speed work day. Since we had another snow storm yesterday, the speed work is on the treadmill in the gym of the school I work at. And after I finished it, as I worked out and watched my sister finish (I had started before her) I had a realization. An ephiany of sorts. For the past couple of years, Katie has been the faster runner. The more confident one. The one with a “runner” body (more on that whole ridiculousness another time). And for the past year or so I have been trying to get as fast as her. This mornings speed work involved mile repeats at threshold pace- which I would consider 8 min pace to 8:20 pace for me. For the middle two miles though, 841 on the treadmill was hard. My phone said I was running 7:59. Which it felt like. Once I finished and was stretching, I was wondering what speed my sister was doing. And then it hit me. I didn’t want to know. Because I had tried my best and did better at this workout today than I did a month ago. And that’s what freakin matters. Not that she is faster than me. Or if it was easier for her than me. Because I don’t live in her body. I don’t live in her mind. I have my own to work with. And my own butt to kick. So obvious and yes, I’ve read the cliches about comparison being the death of happiness and how you are truly racing yourself. And I always 100% agree with them but never really followed them when it came to Katie. Since we do all the same workouts, why aren’t I as fast?  And I always ask her, how fast did you do it? But this morning I didn’t and I will not. Because her effort and speed should inspire me but even more so, my own effort and speed should inspire me. I hope her workout was awesome but if she went faster than me it doesn’t take away the validity of my own awesomeness. Amen. Ok, got to go clean up for work. Thank god for the 2 hour delay this morning.


ok…It is hours later now and I am adding an addition to my above post. On my run home I was thinking about yes, sometimes I need to focus on my successes instead of comparing me to my sister but that having Katie as a running partner is also SO AMAZING, INSPIRING, and just overall kick ass. Because seeing her progress helps me realize my progress. Seeing her potential helps me realize my potential. Instead if giving up or staying mediocre, I see her and push myself to stay competitive with her. And that’s freakin amazing! Our paces are pretty darn close and I want that to stay that way! That’s freakin great motivation and that will help me become a better runner. Which is the goal!! So a huge thank you to Katie for being such awesome motivation! For being a partner in crazy dreams, a snack holder on long runs, a run gum sharer, and a fellow flystyler. I’m jealous of you sometimes but that pushes me to be better. Thank you. Also you rock your mid calf length, thick, pink socks. So 😘.


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