Run Commuting 

My sister and I both run commute to work and we both have our own ways of doing it AND I thought it would be cool to share our best tips (Meaghan’s actually sleeping right now but since I can’t get my brain to shut up I figured I either write this post or read a book for my school book club. Hm which choice won?)


So I live only a mile and a half away from my work (I’m an elementary school teacher) and this is how I make run commuting work for me while getting in extra miles in each week!

1. Bunch your everyday tasks. For example: lunch. You have to eat lunch everyday and if I want to be healthy I know that means making my own. So on Sunday I bulk make all my lunches: cook all my burgers, cut up veggies, and put it all in a big bag in the fridge to walk in on Monday. Same thing with my clothes. I use the app Stylebook to help me choose my outfits for the week, pack each outfit into a two gallon zip lock bag and put into a BIG tote. And yes, it is fairly heavy to carry it in on Monday but it is SO worth not having to worry about food or clothes the rest of the week. 

2. Be prepared to be a bit sweaty…it’s REALLY not as big of a deal as you’d think. The sweat dries. Really. The biggest thing is to actually underdress a bit. Because you’re only our there running for about 15 minutes. And less clothes = less sweat.

3. I have a bag at work that I keep under my desk. In it I have my makeup, hair brush, deodorant, body wipes. Instead of doing all this at home, I just do it at school. Yes, probably weird. But so worth the extra 15 miles I can run each week without even thinking about it.

4. Be prepared for people asking questions. I get asked questions probably a couple times a week. It’s as annoying as you’d imagine (fine, people are just curious) but I just remind myself I’m in kick butt shape so it’s worth it.

5. Friday afternoons are like Monday mornings. Because all that dirty laundry has to come home SOMETIME. (Where do I store my dirty laundry? It goes back in the zip lock bag, back into the tote and gets all zipped up and hidden in my desk. No smells. At least I don’t smell anything. Kidding.)

6. Keep your shoes at school. I have a Tupperware container with all my flats, casual sneakers and boots in it hidden in my desk. Because no way am I lugging shoes back and forth each week. 

And that’s all I got. Meaghan’s turn.


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