Brain is fried

Please expect lots of typos and spelling errors in this post. My brain is Fried. It is Friday night. 8:13. I’m exhausted. Here is why:

So usually we run out long runs on Saturday. Even in terrible weather. We ran a 20 mile with speed intervals in a Hurricane this last fall. But yesterday everyone kept on telling me about the weather for the weekend. A high of. 14 or 11 and a low of negative something or other plus wind chill. Katie was whining about how she was not looking forward to the bitter cold and i suggested we do it Friday night instead, we could do it partially on the treadmill. So we planned it out and that’s what we did. Not because it would be dangerous running for three hours in such cold weather, which duh, it would!! But because it just seemed hard. The crazy freezing temps and bad winds just seemed to make the run seem so unappealing. So we did it this afternoon. We got out of work around three and met up between our schools and ran six mile warm up miles outside. It went by fast, we saw awesome pretty views, we chatted, it was easy and not too cold. We then went in the school gym and did two four mile repeats of faster pace on the treadmills. My first one SUCKED!!! I had to pause at 3.5 and drink water because I couldn’t manage it on the mill. I was starting to cramp from dehydration, felt like the pace was unrealistic, and HATED IT. I didn’t even care that Katie was rocking it out next to me- I knew I was trying my best- pushing myself to the limit. After a potty break after 4, I used a different and newer treadmill, started slower, and figured out how to drink while running. SUCCESS!! Then a coach and his girlfriend came in to work out and they blasted rap music and I was flying! Great pace and felt strong the last two miles. I need to remember to start slow and then work up to a fast pace. THEN we put on gloves and long sleeve shirts and did two miles outside in SHORTS! It was fun, lots of cars and people who must of thought we nuts- I’ll be hearing about this for weeks. “On the coldest days of year, I SAW YOU RUNNING IN SHORTS!” And I’ll be like yep. Then put on leggings and run-commutted home WITH A BACKPACK! Yep, definitely a different type of long run. At first, it didn’t feel like we ran 18 miles but we did. My legs, butt, and brain have definitely convinced me. Shaky tired and sore. I didn’t run as fast as Katie some parts of the run but I did my best and gave it my all. Proud of that. Eating cold Pierogis cuz that’s the dinner of running champions. It’s one of the few things I find appealing after running hard and being exhausted. We ate them after NYC too.

Tomorrow is the marathon trials and as I ran today I was dedicating miles to all the awesome ladies who are going to leave their hearts out on that course tomorrow. My love and strength is with those rockin ladies!!

Ok, enough rambling. Toddles.

WAIT! One more thing. When that coach and his girlfriend came into the gym, I realized something. A year ago, I would have been jealous of their fitness and athletism and hated them I would have felt bad. Today I felt proud of myself, like an equal to them, like I was just as much of an athlete as them. I feel like crying thinking about this. It’s huge for me. Instead of comparing and feeling bad about myself, I have confidence in who I am. Sure, she is thinner and gorgeous, but I am an athlete as well! I’m working hard too! Seeing them inspired me positively instead of sparking jeslousy. Strides, Meaghan, strides. Growth and progress. I am damn proud of myself. To call myself an athlete and feel confident in it is a HUGE thing for me.


toodles for real this time.



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