Post Long Run Thoughts

I am propped up in bed my back against my pillows eating pierogis. Uncooked pierogis straight from the package.

And I am reminded of our post-NYC treat (the treat we bought at Whole Foods after arguing with a police officer..that’s a story for another day!). For some reason uncooked pierogis jumped out at us as the most reasonable post marathon recovery food. We ate them on the train ride home as we stretched our legs taking up more space than we really should have on the crowded train. 

I also have that feeling of coming home from vacation, where you’re bone tired and you know you should unpack the sand covered bathing suits so they don’t mildew but all you want to do is lie in bed not caring that you didn’t even brush your teeth.

My sister and I just ran 18 miles with speed work in the middle. On a Friday afternoon that turned into a night. 

And we are now exhausted.

Tomorrow has predicted lows of -9 and a high of 12 degrees Farenheit. We decided sucking it up and doing the workout tonight was worth being able to be cozy inside tomorrow.

We started with a 6 mile warmup outside. That was fun and it flew by.

Then we headed inside to the gym where we ran 2×4 miles at marathon pace with 4:00 recovery. Well it was supposed to be a four minute recovery. With our bathroom break (running in the middle of the day is VERY different then morning running! Let’s just say our stomachs were confused!) and refilling our water bottles it was more like 10 minutes.

The first 4 miles flew by for me. I was listening to Another Mother Runner’s Podcast interviewing the Oiselle mom’s who qualified for the Olympic Trials and that was a perfect distraction.

(This is what happens when you attempt a mid run, treadmill selfie. So attractive.)

During the second 4 miles, the podcast stopped working and I was struggling a bit more. 

I turned to the ultimate inspiration and motivation weapon: the Olympic Theme song. Playing it on repeat I thought about all the amazing women (and men!) who will be running the Trials tomorrow: the journey to get there and how much grit and toughness they’ll have tomorrow. I thought about my own crazy running dreams. I had this insane moment of visualization, my eyes started watering and I got full body chills.

Then I got sick of listening to the Theme song and put my music on shuffle. Hey all inspiration has a limit!

Then I was done. 

My sister and I staggered outside in our shorts and gloves and jackets to do our 3 mile cool down. People who saw us must have thought we were insane. 

At Mile 2 Meagh grabbed her backpack and we ran the last mile to my school where I picked up my dirty laundry from the week. Walking home my back killed from carrying two bags. All I could think was that this was making me stronger. Otherwise I wanted to curl up in a snowbank. 

We stopped at the grocery store and picked up our patriotic snacks to eat while cheering on Kara and all the other birds tomorrow as they run the Trials.

And now I lie in bed having finished my own personal trial for the day. 


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