A new adventure

Wow. I just listened to RunningonOm podcast with Stephanie Howe and decided I am going to run an ultra – it used to be a far off thought but now it’s a for sure/can’t wait/certainty. I texted Katie and she agreed. Not sure if she realizes how serious I am but she will learn!
Huge thank you to Julia and Stephanie because their conversation ignited a part of me I haven’t tapped into for a while. When I started running long, the purpose was to explore. I didn’t leave the house with a goal of miles but a goal to seriously get lost. To go to three different towns. To run on trails and roads I had never been on. It was a freedom. Such a freedom. Such an escape from everyday life to just go adventuring powered by your own two feet. And that led me to be a better runner, which led me to racing and time goals, which has led me to running race courses instead of exploring. Which is awesome BUT I need that exploring back in my running again. I’m already dreaming up awesome and epic runs for this spring and summer. Places I’ve never been. Places I’ve been but have never run to. I’m so excited.

My stregths are running steady and long. I like trying to improve my speed but I definitely favor endurance over speed. And that’s one reason the ultra is so appealing. But even more so is the sense of adventure. The freedom of getting lost. The challenge on doing something I have never done before. I think my longest run ever is 27 miles. Could I  do 30 this summer? Yes!! Could I do 50?! Oooh! That little bit of disbelief is there and strong sense of competition rears up and says yes!! Yes, you can!!

A new adventure.

And this new adventure is not to take away from my other awesome running goals. But it actually makes them less stressful. Because this will only help me become a better runner and help me grow. And it is a totally different type of goal than my time based goals. Here I can go as slow as I want. Which is awesome. Ultras involve slow and steady running, food, and running buddies. All the best parts of running.

So freakin pumped.


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