In one week…

In one week…

I will be waking up at 4:30AM on a Sunday.

I will be eating my normal, everyday breakfast with a sense that today is not a normal everyday.

I will be putting on my oiselle singlet.

I will be packing the pockets of my distance shorts with GUs and cliff bars.

I will be going to the bathroom as many times as possible. Hello, portapotties.

I will be lining up with others ( how many?! Is this race small? How small?!) and contemplating whether I should take off my sweatshirt now or later.

I will be running. Stride for stride with my sister. Attempting to keep the pace and not get sucked away by adrenaline.

I will be reminding myself that I AM CAPABLE. As Lauren Fleshman wrote in the front of Believe Journal, I am stronger than I think.

I will push away negative thoughts and run hard and long. I will remind myself I love challenges.

I will do my best.

In a week ….

I will run my third marathon.


But today I am a bundle of crabby nerves. I think I like 50 mile weeks rather than 30 mile weeks. Is it the taper or the nervousness of a phantom leg pains that’s making me want to escape my world and just curl up with a blanket on beach on an Hawaiian island and sleep? Who knows.





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