Run for Happy

I’m getting to that point in my marathon training where everything hurts and I’m in a permanent state of tired. My hair has a halo of short hairs around the crown, earned by wearing my fleece headband throughout the winter. And I’m completely used to it. 

I am officially in taper mode.  You always think once the taper starts, you gain back your energy. What you forget is that you just finished weeks of your hardest training leaving you exhausted with aches in places you didn’t know could ache.

The first two weeks of the taper were not only dedicated to recovery, but also beating two different colds. 

I had an odd realization this weekend though. Yesterday during our 8 mile run, I was NOT happy.

My cough made me feel like I couldn’t breathe deeply.

My snots had started to run again. 

I had stomach cramps because I was running after dinner.

It’s freakin’ April and it was a cold, chilly damp 44 that felt more like March. 

I state again I was not happy.

Thinking back on this run, it made me realize though the reason why this run stood out SO much.

Because most of the time, I am happy. Deeply, satisfied, happy.

And in a large part that’s due to running.

It gives me a place to burn off extra energy.

It provides balance to teaching.

It gives me a spot to challenge my physical body, something I never really embraced, preferring challenging my mind. 

And it makes me happy. Before, during, after. 

I am running the most I’ve run in my life and I am the most constantly happy since I was a kid. 

I worry less about things out of my control.

I relax more when it’s time to relax.

I work harder on things other than running in order to make more time for running. And because I’m working harder on these other areas, I see more growth and progress and that makes me happy. 

Run. Run for Happy. 


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