Thank you. 


Rockin the black plastic bag skirt
Running is a very self centered choice.

Time spent running instead of with family.

Waking up everyone else on a Saturday at 4:30 am so you can get ready for your long run.

Telling people “No sorry can’t do that on Friday night. I have a long run tomorrow.” (Okay fine, it also makes a great excuse because reality is on Friday’s all I want to do is curl up in bed with a good book). 

Time spent running instead of focusing on my job (but I maintain I do a better job when I balance work with running!).

Hundreds to thousands of dollars spent each year on race fees, running clothes, and transportation. 

So this post is to thank everyone.

Thank you to my family, and especially my mom, who support me in my running, who ensures I have a good nights rest, who worries more about my sleep patterns then I do, who understands and accepts that running is my passion for sanity. (LOVE YOU MOM! YOUR SUPPORT MEANS THE WORLD!!)

Thank you to my sister, my running buddy, my partner in crime, my best running friend, who for some reason agrees that this crazy running journey we are on is awesome. Without you, I’d be a fat blob eating Oreos hating on people running races (because I’d be super freakin jealous). 

Thank you to the race directors who dedicate so much time and energy for a great race. I can only imagine the stress! You are so appreciated!

Thank you to our taxi drivers. You put up with our nonsensical talking, let us back in the taxi when we are smelly and sweaty, and actually act interested in running! Seriously, you’re awesome.

Thank you to the people I work with who had to tolerate taper madness this past week (secrets out now why I was such a grumpy cat!), accept the fact that it’s probable I’ll arrive to work sweaty, and know that when I decline going on free trips to Teacher’s College,  it’s probably because  I have a race coming up. You act like my running, my hobbling around after races and my smelly sneakers under my desk are “really cool” and “inspirational”. Thanks for that. 

Thank you to Oiselle and Oiselle Volèe. You give me motivation and inspiration. I set crazy goals and pursue them because I see other Volèe doing the same and it’s looks crazy awesome. Today when I was running my marathon, all I could think of was the Lauren Fleshman video where she tells the reporter that her race was “just balls. Total balls.” I love this reaction after a race because it’s the reality of doing really hard things. She didn’t sugar coat it. It sucks. And it’s amazing. All in one big swoop. 

At one point in the marathon today, I was off on my goal and I had readjusted my goal time (super proud that I had that mental strength). I thought to myself “I don’t deserve to wear this singlet”. Which is literally the most ridiculous and stupid thing I thought all race. Then I realized the song I was listening to was I Believe I Can Fly (R. Kelly for the win) and a turkey (yea perfectly timed bird!) flew above my head. And I realized if I’m trying my hardest and doing it with heart, I’ll always deserve to wear the Volèe singlet. Because that’s what Volèe is all about. Huge thank you. 

I’m wearing shorts. really.
And now I’m sitting in my ice bath and I realized I didn’t thank the man at the gas station who sells us our ice for our ice baths every weekend. Thank you for providing us with ice literally .25 miles from our house. 

The list could go on forever.

But this is a start.


This is me in the pain tunnel.
Because each race is a shot in the dark, a pushing against our physical boundaries, a one in a million chance and a huge opportunity (oh yeah, thank you for body for tolerating my runs and recovering well and fighting off germs effectively so I can you body!). 

I have no words left.

Oh yea, wait I do: thank you God for getting me through healthy and safely and for the fact I don’t have to run again for ten days. Love you God, you’re the awesome-est. (And Mary, thanks for hearing my desperate Hail Mary’s…you rock my (compression) socks.) 



One thought on “Thank you. 

  1. I would be crying if I had the energy and hydration to. This is amazing. Thank YOU. Wow. Yes yes yes to all of this. Thank you for writing this. I am so grateful for our lives and these people and our journey. -meaghan


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