Can’t sleep

I’m lying here and I can’t sleep.

I realized I haven’t posted on the blog in a long time. Every couple weeks or so I think ‘Oh I should go post about this…or I should go post about that..’ Then I never do.

I’m blaming it on end of the year craziness. Teacher life.

Today Meagh and I ran 7 miles (well we originally planned to run 6.2) at our goal marathon pace for the fall. Yes, we are Type A plan ahead people. We are also runners who through trial and error have come to realize a 16 week training plan isn’t that long. So we start a little early. 

Whenever I run at night, the endorphins and adrenaline linger in my system, keeping my mind churning and my legs slightly sore. 

Tonight we ran separately. I love running with Meagh but I also love running speed work alone. It’s more mentally challenging to have to push yourself when no one else is there running the same pace. It’s also less pressure in an odd way because the element of comparison is missing (‘Man she’s beasting it up that hill!’ ‘Opps how did we get to a 9 min pace?’). You’re responsible for your own pacing and there’s something nice about that.

Tonight it was hot. Typical Menorial Day weekend weather. Two miles into the run I was covered in sweat. 4.5 miles in I could feel my heartbeat throbbing through the back of my head. I’m pretty sure that’s not normal. The high today was 86. Towards the end of the run thunder clouds rolled in. But it never rained. The thunder rolled yesterday. But it never rained. It’s just hot and humid. In a way it’s nice because you can truly pretend it’s summer. 

I got up and put icy hot on my legs and lotion on my feet. My head is still has a dull ache but I have a bottle of water next to my bed for when I get thirsty. I can finally feel the cooler night air coming through my window and brushing against my icy hot legs.

About three weeks ago Meagh and I ran a 5.5 mile trail run. We warmed up with 8.5 miles, ran the race then cool down with 17 miles. Yes. We ran 31 miles. A 50K. We ran it in about 5 and a half hours. Mentally I was fine for most of it (there was a moment on mile 27 where I was content with the idea of lying down by the side of the road and not getting up). But my hips down were definitely hurting by mile 31. 

This post is very rambling. Capturing my thoughts in a sleepless night. 

Emma Coburn set a new record in the steeplechase. Seeing elites crush their goals inspires and validated me in my pursuit to crush my own. 

Good night. 



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