Wishes for Summer

I am sitting here staring into a runners dream: 11 weeks with nothing scheduled. Things to get done, yes. But nothing scheduled. The ultimate end of the year thank you gift for teachers. 

I worry the weeks will pass and I’ll have nothing to show for it. A fickle worry maybe, but sometimes unstructured times make me nervous. 

So I planned a budget for my money (I never budget my money. Ever.). I decided I want to pass the Airforce Physical  Fitness Test (I have zero interest in the military). 

Oddly, the two things that I do successfully other times in the year are still semi up in the air. My marathon training plan starts in a week. I think I know the plan I’m going to use, but I’m not feeling 100% sure. I normally work out with weights once a week, but I’m not sure whether I want to sign up for a gym membership for the summer (I normally use the gym at work) or to try to go it on my own using Jasyoga and NTC. 

Hopefully this summer will be a time for me to rejuvenate, become physically stronger, a faster runner, and a more rested person. 


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