Just doing it

When I think a lot about a workout before I do it…it’s like I’m building a mountain with my thoughts…a hill I end up needed to crest during my workout. Or a wall I need to break through. When I just do a workout with little pre-thought, it’s like the road ahead of me is clear- ready for fast flying.

Today I had 12 1 min REP speed (as fast as you can freakin go!) intervals with 2 min rest in the middle of my run. I ran to work for a meeting and was going to do the workout after the meeting. Or maybe tonight. Who knew. I didn’t even remember what the workout was. I drank some water from the water fountain and ate a cliff bar at noon – WAY less than the early normal lunch I would have had if I was at home. I started my run home contemplating it. Should I try?! I didn’t eat lunch yet and it was 1:30!! I hardly had any water today?!?! I texted Katie asking what the workout was. Then, without waiting for her to reply, I took a guess at what it was and took off. No thought out decision. Just an impulse to go. And I freakin rocked it. 6:30 pace for the intervals which is great for me. And it felt pretty easy. I was thirsty but didn’t give it much thought. I listened to Nicole Anntionette’s podcast with Sara Mac which was great motivation and was interesting and I just did it. No overthinking. No time for doubt. All the predictors would say this run should suck. No lunch. No water. Have your period. But you can’t listen to predictors because sometimes the runs that seem like they should suck end up being the most fun.


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