One Week 

In one week, I will have run my fourth marathon.

  • 2014: Hartford Marathon
  • 2015: New York City Marathon
  • 2016: Fighting Seabees Marathon
  • 2016: Hartford Marathon

This morning as I was filling in my Believe journal for the last week of training, I was looking at my training plan and remembered looking at the training plan 15 weeks ago and thinking how vast it seemed. Endless, hard, intense.

But as I looked at this last week of training, I felt sad. How did 15 weeks already fly by? Where did the training go? I know I had some great runs (some REALLY great runs!), a couple awesome PRs, and of course some shitty, drag your feet runs. But I feel like I was just starting and looking forward to the dread. 

And here I am. One week away. 

Am I ready? Yes. No. But all I have is this week left. My goals are lots of rest and sleep, eating properly and often, and drinking as much as possible. 

Because in one week I have a speed work  session that’s 26.2 miles long with no recoveries. Let’s do this.


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