Can’t sleep

I’m lying here and I can’t sleep. I realized I haven’t posted on the blog in a long time. Every couple weeks or so I think ‘Oh I should go post about this…or I should go post about that..’ Then I never do. I’m blaming it on end of the year craziness. Teacher life. Today […]

3rd one done.

My goal going into today’s marathon was an 8:30 pace with a finish time of 3:45. Yeah, that didn’t happen. I rocked that for the first half, led by a speedy pacer, and then dropped back to run ALONE ( it was a super small race) for the rest. It’s weird that I’m not more […]

Thank you. 

   Running is a very self centered choice. Time spent running instead of with family. Waking up everyone else on a Saturday at 4:30 am so you can get ready for your long run. Telling people “No sorry can’t do that on Friday night. I have a long run tomorrow.” (Okay fine, it also makes […]

The Taper.

This taper has taught be how much I love running. How much I love training for a goal. I’m still kind of ( ok, super) nervous about the race on Sunday, but I’m not sure how much of that nervous feeling is actual nerves and how much of it is a severe emotional imbalance due […]

Run for Happy

I’m getting to that point in my marathon training where everything hurts and I’m in a permanent state of tired. My hair has a halo of short hairs around the crown, earned by wearing my fleece headband throughout the winter. And I’m completely used to it.  I am officially in taper mode.  You always think […]

In one week…

In one week… I will be waking up at 4:30AM on a Sunday. I will be eating my normal, everyday breakfast with a sense that today is not a normal everyday. I will be putting on my oiselle singlet. I will be packing the pockets of my distance shorts with GUs and cliff bars. I […]

My journey of marathons

In 3 weeks I am running the Fighting Seabeas Marathon. This¬†will be my third marathon, my first Fighting Seabeas experience. Having just finished my last true long run of this training cycle yesterday, I am thinking on my progress. My goals. My dreams. My abilities. I am reflecting on the half and full marathons I […]